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24 June 2014 @ 07:09 pm
Hello dears!


I am posting today to announce that "Akina Fansubs" is providing German Subs for this drama.
You can grab them in the akina-fansubs community @ LJ.
We already finished ep 1 - 6 and the other ones are soon to follow. We also plan to translate the Specials and the movie into German.
I found out that it's quite useful to have some German subs because I can watch Japanese dramas with my mum and lure her into dramaworld ;)
It might also help if you're learning German or maybe you simply want to try watching a Japanese drama with German subs.

You would need to join the community. You can find all the rules in this post HERE.

I am hoping to see some of you @ akina-fansubs soon!
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Nazodi movie ranks No. 2 in box office for it's opening weekend, higher than Johnny Depp's The Lone Ranger (No. 4) which was also opened this past weekend XD

It had a total of 322,162 audiences and a total box office of 398,832,200 yen (the numbers are from wb)


Not bad for a start. Hard to beat Master Miyazaki's production ne XD
Hope it will keep up the good ranking!
05 August 2013 @ 09:23 pm

@nazotoki_movie: Tweet 364226594937638912

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2013/08/05 (Mon) 12:29:21

[8/13 (Thu) Big Hit stage greeting announcement] Many people came to see the movie on the opening and second day for which we are truly grateful. On receiving the news that it's a Big Hit we decided on what we call a "Big Hit stage greeting", a stage greeting of gratitude that is to be carried out in Odaiba, Tokyo. ⇒ http://www.nazotoki-movie.jp/ #謎ディ

(The movie opened in second place in the box office rankings.)

@nazotoki_movie: Tweet 364328229185667072

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2013/08/05 (Mon) 19:13:13

Yes, yes, yes, yeees. Bals! (ノo・ω・)ノ The "Inspector Kazamatsuri's Case File" broadcast on 8/2 (Fri) acquired the high TV rating of 14.7%! Thank you very much for viewing, everyone! #謎ディ
31 July 2013 @ 11:24 pm
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2013/07/30 (Tue) 20:50

It continues to be hot, but how are you doing?

Alternating between filming "Nightmare Kid" and promoting "The After-Dinner Mysteries",
I'm currently rather busy.

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First of all, congratulations Sho for being part of the 128 people on the Raffle's "Hall of Fame", along with Prince William, George Lucas, and more! (pic courtesy of neo_neetnyan)

This is kinda gonna be a massive spam lol. You've probably seen most of it already, but here's a compilation of pictures and amusing excerpts of fan reports from the 7/27 SG Red Carpet Premiere! For those who watched the movie, without spoiling anything, what did you think of it? :)

Fancam when they entered the Red CarpetCollapse )

Fancam of Sho and Keiko speaking Singlish/English!Collapse )

About infamous swimsuit scene:
Because the swimsuit in the movie (sleeveless suit) has short pants, thus he borrowed a shaver from his make up artist to shave his leg hair off. But because, he has never shave his own leg hair, thus he shave till his leg is full of cuts and injuries and he has to use plaster to cover them. And in the movie, they used special effects to cover his cuts.
- Source: arashi-shojun (read more on-location Sho fail XD)

Their impressions of Singapore:
Sho: Unnn. There's a lot......Right, Singapore's chicken rice... Such a big reaction? I ate it here. I ate alone at this foodcourt-like, no, food stall like place in Little India (an area in singapore), and the two girls I was sitting with didn't recognise me at all.

Keiko: There's a lot of girls here wearing really oshare(fashionable) stuffs, if i'm ever here for Nazodi again, I would like to learn a thing or two about fashion from the girls here.

Shiina: Something that shocked me... The big merlion. (Sho nods in agreement
- Source: amnosho

Keiko teased and told the audience to imagine themselves in her place instead for the Titanic scene XD And ofc Sho had to respond the same for male fans too lol.

Also please visit here for a full report on their transcript in the theatre.

Now for a collective great quality of fanpics :) ALL PHOTOS ARE NOT MINES. Known sources are cited. For the uncited ones, if you know the original source, and/or if any of these are yours and don't wish for them to be posted here, please let me know!


10+ Red Carpet & theatre picsCollapse )
26 July 2013 @ 12:34 pm

Hey everyone! I was at the airport and saw Sho yesterday, so I thought of sharing with you guys!
I am still on cloud 9 and am SO DISTRACTED to do anything but look at Sho's photos and videos on my phone.
Someone told me that they saw me in a couple of fan videos (because Sho stopped in front of my spot and acknowledged my friend's banner)-embarrassing. LOL.
I wrote a post about it and you guys can view it here!:

[Bundles of happiness here (click to open)]


Hihi, it's your lazy mod here attempting to be not lazy! Thank you whiterisa, kk4food and kjb1964 for always keeping us up to date.

As everyone might have known already, yesterday Sho has arrived at Singapore for the upcoming SG premiere! Keiko wasn't spotted for the public exit, but some fans said she wasn't feeling well and left at another exit.

ALL PHOTOS ARE NOT MINES. Known sources are cited. For the uncited ones, if you know the original source, and/or if any of these are yours and don't wish for them to be posted here, please let me know!

really adored how his hair was tugged.

+10 fanshots of Sho in Singapore AirportCollapse )

Fancams!Collapse )

If any lucky SG fans have any personal encounters you want to share, feel free to!
As promotions for the Nazodi movie, there will be 4 nights of special 10 min segments shown on Fuji TV (Official site link HERE)

Synopsis: During the 3 days when Kazamatsuri and Reiko were busy investigating the 3000 passengers on board the cruise ship, "Detective Aboard" Kageyama was also resolving cases for a few passengers. There were a total of 4 cases solved by Kageyama, and these scenes will not be seen in the movie.

Show times details....Collapse )

"Detective Aboard" Kageyama picsCollapse )

02 July 2013 @ 06:59 pm
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2013/06/29 (Sat) 19:37

The first half of this year passed by in the blink of an eye.
Summer will be showing it's face here soon, but how are you doing?

Since I got back in Japan from the Italy shoot, I've been part of filming the special drama
"The After-Dinner Mysteries Special - Kazamatsuri's Case File" that got announced today.
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31 March 2013 @ 11:47 pm
New teaser trailer on movie official site http://www.nazotoki-movie.jp/

(gif credit to mrtaboo)

"If you don't watch this movie, are you blind?" (rough translation)

Our beloved Kageyama, even sharp tongued the potential audiences LOL

Can't wait! But at least we have Sho's new show and drama before August XD